Why does one graphic design firm charge $500 and another charge $2000 for the SAME project? Hint: part of the answer is them, and part of it is YOU!

Here's the deal: all shops need to make a profit to continue in business. Larger firms have higher fixed costs — rent, number of employees, more specialized software, and so on. Their minimum project invoice is going to be larger than a smaller firm's by default.

Smaller design studios (lean and fat free — like us!) can offer more affordable rates, but employ fewer workers with a smaller range of specialization. If your project requires more time than average, you are not going to receive that small firm's lowest rates, even if they are operating on the sidewalk.

Your goal as a client will probably be to select a firm large enough to confidently produce your project within the allotted timeline, but small enough that you are not paying for unused capabilities.

With that said, here are the major criteria that determine the final cost of your print or web design project:
Listed below are the average ranges for projects our firm has completed within the last 2 years in a variety of service categories. All projects we undertake include a written proposal and estimate, which will specify an exact cost figure. We also accept projects based on an hourly cost basis of $85, upon request.
Coming soon ... graphic and web design PACKAGES. Earn significant discounts when you order 2 or more projects or project components at the same time!

Business Terms & Policies

After we discuss your project, you will receive a proposal outlining the project scope. Often, this proposal will include multiple design 'packages' from which to choose. All projects include your initial free consultation and three (3) rounds of revision per design piece. In most cases, 3 rounds of revision are sufficient to finalize a project. However, if additional alterations are required, this time will be billed at a $100 hourly rate.

After you select the design package you prefer and sign the proposal, you will receive an electronic invoice. Fifty percent of this invoice is due before your project can be scheduled. Please allow a minimum of 7-10 days for design and revision on non-rush projects. Rush fees may apply to projects submitted without this lead time. After final project approval is received, the remaining 50% of the invoice is due. No finished work will be released before a project has been paid in full.