At Now You See It Design, we design creative communications for budget-minded small businesses and nonprofits. We strategize ideas into results that empower your organization, ignite sales, and satisfy your clients.

What can we do for you?

Although we've designed for Fortune 500 companies during our 15 years in business, our specialty lies in assisting small businesses and nonprofits. For these organizations we have crafted a full range of custom design solutions to address their specific business needs. Need any of these? We've got you covered:

Magazines, newsletters, books, brochures, annual reports | Directories, catalogs, posters, rack cards, fact sheets | logos, letterhead, business cards, post cards, direct mail, PowerPoint decks | signs, tablecloth and pillow designs, T-shirt graphics, illustration, tradeshow exhibits, banners | calendars, invitations, packaging, print advertising, web advertising | copywriting, website copy, proofreading, printer liaison | website domain and hosting selection, custom website development, WordPress development, and more.


All of our current clients are long-term relationships. We like to think a good part of the reason is our quality, reliability, and commitment to client objectives. So not just satisfaction with the current project, but an ongoing relationship that strengthens over the years, as we anticipate your needs and offer assistance to keep you growing.



Whether it's a critical print advertisement for your upcoming event, or a lengthy re-working of an existing website — it will be completed and delivered on the date promised. Should go without saying, but we're saying it anyway.



Strategy before solutions. That's our policy, and it means cost efficiencies throughout the project lifecycle. By looking ahead, we can separate "must-have now'' features from those that will be developed in the future, maintaining focus on the essential. This is especially critical in the development of websites. We'll analyze your market position and identify target customers, to ensure that your new website is not only beautiful, but also a profitable investment.



It is difficult to hang a price tag on creative services — so many variables come into play. At the same time, all clients appreciate guidelines. So that is what we offer — guidelines, in lieu of firm prices, until a specific project is under discussion. At that time, written pricing schedules are available before project inception.

Pricing Guidelines


I worked with NYSI Design on a newsletter; they are truly a pleasure to work with. Calm, competent, and professional — a complete delight —  I can’t recommend them highly enough!
— Susan Flinn, Public Health Consultant,


Been working with NYSI for years, and it's been a pleasure and so SIMPLE. That's why NYSI is the go-to designer for our entire organization. Thanks for being so awesome!
— Mary Mulligan, RN, BSN, MA, CDONA/LTC, CLNC, CDP - Director Clinical Affairs, AMDA


We're a wholesaler, so we needed a website with some unusual requirements. NYSI gave us just what we needed, and business is UP!
— Manager, Maryland Delicatessen Foods

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A Note About OUr business practices

We are proud adopters of the Designers Accord, a global network supporting ethical and sustainable business practices. We are committed to creating positive environmental and social impact, and integrate sustainable alternatives in our work whenever feasible. Additionally, we donate 4% of our profits to charitable causes, including those devoted to mental health, child and animal welfare, and racial equality.